Staff Excellence Awards - 2018
Amanda Bancroft
Lynn Dawson
Brett Deodato
Kylie Offin
Megan Van Allen

Peer to Peer Award - 2018
Brett Deodato
Lynn Dawson
Amanda Bancroft
Neil Tinney

Staff Anniversaries - 2018
5 Years
Cheryl Paquette
10 Years
Korrine Dale
    Diane Irwin
    Amy McEwen
    Shannon Russell   
15 Years
Marina Kanellos-Sutton
20 Years
Shawn Avery
    MIchelle Macey

30 Years
Wendy Fisher

Community Partnership Awards 2018
Tom Greening, Executive Director Home Base Housing

Staff Tributes
Linda LaBelle

Senior Bookkeeper, 1976-2006

Michael O'Neill

Property Manager, 1995-2008
Greenhouse & Greenspace Dedication 2009

Honour Scroll

In recognition of outstanding service to St Lawrence Youth Association 

George Thomson

Michael Ozerkevich

Heino Lilles

Roy Beechey

Alex Watts

John Johnston

John Leverette

Christopher Cooper

Ray Peters

Linda Ann Daly

Beverly Macdonald

Harley Shaw

Jeanie Sawyer

Reg Barr

Dorothy Pratt-Taylor

Mark Greenwood

Peter Burbidge

Susan Switft

Dan DeVito

Merice Walker Boswell

Meg Bell

Jay Lockerbie

Todd Arnedy

Alwyn NG Huigens

Sarah Hill

Ruth Barton

Gary Medd

Linda Labelle

Norm Simpson

Lin Good

Dr Wagdy Loza

Margaret Ruttan

Wendy Vuyk

Gary Ouellette

Board of Directors Tributes
2002 - Shaw, William Harley
Major (Ret.)

Founding Member
SLYA History - 1st 15 years
Shaw House - Honourary Dedication

2003 - Barton, Ruth
The Ruth Barton Fund - Funds received as a bequest for the youth in our care.

2004 - Platt-Taylor, Dorothy
President, Board of Directors 1982-1984

2013 - McDonald, Beverly
Board of Directors